happy FIRST birthday

Welp. Today marks a year. One whole year. How incredible. How humbling. 

It’s one of those moments when I feel all I can do is sit with open hands.  The thought that so many people have my artwork in their homes gives me goose bumps. It’s beautiful. 

BUT it is so much more than that. It’s all the steps in between. The people I have gotten to meet through this little business. Hearing all the stories, getting to play a small part in honoring each story. My favorite part is when we both see how seamlessly stitched together it is. One step leading to another.  How God is never doing just one thing. He is little by little revealing the creation that is becoming.  It gives us hope and reminds us that we are not alone. All of our stories are knit together. Not only do I get to hear their stories, but they also get a glimpse of mine. With each line I draw I try to think about what happened in that house. All the meals shared, the conversations had, the prayers prayed. A home truly is a little treasure box full of memories. Full of becoming. Often times in the midst of the busyness of life I forget that. I have to come back to why I do what I do. It is not for the money, it’s not for the “likes”. It’s for my love of people. I feel I have been given the gift of creating and I wish to share it. Share it because it brings me joy and I see Jesus through it. It shows me my desperate need for Him. It shows me how BIG He is. It shows me that even though we are so “small” in comparison, we matter. God cares about every bit of our story. He sees us. He cares for us. I hope that in continuing into this next year I am able to reflect just that. I pray that year number two of this business will continue to show me more and more of just how faithful God is.


Here are some fun memories from the first.