kelly's story


kelly williams 

Auburn, Alabama 

"I have now ordered two prints from Laura - one of downtown Athens, Georgia, and the other of Samford Hall, which is a well-known building on Auburn University's campus in Auburn, Alabama. The first one I ordered was a gift for my mom. She attended the University of Georgia and it remains one of her favorite places today. Because I currently go to school there, it's a place that we enjoy having in common and I thought that a print would be a neat way for my mom to remember her time there.


I chose the second print however, because both of my siblings go to Auburn University. My mom loved her Athens print so much that she wanted to have another one, but this time she wanted to be fair and make sure that my siblings were equally represented in our house. You could say there is a tad bit of a rivalry going on in our family. I definitely believe that is the case. Regardless, it's going to be neat having both prints in our house and a great way for our family to remember the schools we love so much."