madison's story

madison head

Flat 32 The Cigar Factory, 158 Derby Rd., Nottingham, England

"It started out last summer on our last day in England with a day trip up to Nottingham to visit some friends. We had no clue we would end up back there 6 months later for a study abroad. I wouldn't consider Nottingham someone's top pick to go study, but the charm of this place was like no other. It's also the typical college town, but ten times better. This building would be our home for the six months we'd be there. It was originally a cigar factory, before being turned into flats. Our flat consisted of two bedrooms with the most unique bathroom that holds an original winding staircase. It has an amazing terrace we spent many days on and even little caves in the flat below us. Besides falling in love with this place I fell in love with life. I met people here I will forever consider friends. I met a guy. I lost that a guy. I then realized.. I lost that guy to bring someone even better into my life. It wasn't something long lasting, but he taught me a lot about myself that made it worthwhile. I look back on the months here and see this time wasn't about studying or making good grades. It was about living. Going back home in a month I'm bringing back something better than a higher GPA. And best of all, my best friend got to join me on this life altering experience."